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All ya need to git started and stay current
  GCGS New Shooter Packet
NEW!!  Welcome letter and complete introduction and guide to SASS Cowboy Action Shooting.
  GCGS Membership Application
Complete Application and Liability forms and return or drop off at the registration table at Markham Park.
  GCGS Club Badge Order Form
Order your official GSGS Club Badge.  Lead-time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.  
  Standard Operating Procedures
Important.  New (and old) members please be sure that you have read the Gold Coast Gunslingers Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  Officers Duties
A description of Officers' Duties and Respoonsibilities according to the by-laws.
  SASS Shooters' Handbook
A must-read for new and old shooters alike.  Updated January 2023, so if you've not read through this in a while, have a look!
  Sweep Categories
New to Cowboy Action Shooting and want to learn the basic sweeps?  Attached you'll find a list (put together by Crooked River Bob) of patterns that you may encounter.
  Another listing of Sweeps
More sweep patterns, assembled by the Double B Cowboys.
  SASS Course Manual, ROI
Range Operations Course, ROI.  Worth taking, even if you are new to Cowboy Action Shooting.
  SASS Course Manual, ROII
Range Operations Course, ROII.  Level II course worth taking as well!
  SASS Match Director's Guide
Match Directors Guide - Match Administration
  SASS Match Director's Guide
Match Directors Guide - Match Design
And for those who might be interested...
  Wild Bunch Shooters Handbook
Giving thought to doing some Wild Bunch shooting?
Start right here.
  Wild  Bunch Orientation
Wild Bunch Action Shooting Orientation Guide
  Wild Bunch RO Manual
Wild Bunch RO - Range Operations Manual
  Wild Bunch Match Directors Handbook
Wild Bunch Martch Director's Handbook
  Mounted Shooters' Handbook
SASS Mounted Shooters' Handbook
  Mounted Course Manual, MROI
SASS Mounted Shooting MROI Basic Safety Course
  Mounted Course Manual, MROII
SASS Mounted Shooting MROII Range Officers' Course
Visit the official SASS website for additional information and resources

Monthly Meetings
Monthly Directors meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Courtyard Marriott
  2000 N. Commerce Parkway
  Ft. Lauderdale, (Weston) FL 33326
  (954) 343-2225
All members are invited.  Some of us get there at 6-ish for some nibbles.  Come join us and see what your club is up to!
Click logo below for map and directions.

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